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The "Indian Biogas Association" aspires to be a unique blend of; nationwide operators, manufacturers and planners of biogas plants, and representatives from science and research. The sole motto of the association is "propagating Biogas in a sustainable way".

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Mahatma vision

"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's need, but not every man's greed". Mahatma Gandhi, in his vision for India, envisaged a system of devolved, self-sufficient communities, sustaining their needs from the local environment, and organising income generating ventures around co-operative structures.

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Nature is beautiful

The prime beauty of renewable energy is that it goes hand in hand with nature. Using fossil fuel ruins the nature, and future in an irrversible way. Undoubtebly, the demand of time goes in favor of renewable energy.


Municipal Solid waste management (MSWM) constitutes a serious problem in many Third World cities. Most cities do not collect the totality of wastes generated, and of the wastes collected, only a fraction receives proper disposal. Biogas from unsegregated waste gives a new dimension to energy field.

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Biogas in India

An Indian perspective from Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, New Delhi [click here].
Potential and Investment opportunities.
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Beginner guide to Biogas

A comprehensive webpage to understand biogas from scratch including basic, safety, history, and collection of photos [click here].

Handbook of  biogas

Advantage of technologies
Biogas potential
Anaerobic digestion
Application of biogas [click here]


Energy and energy trading
Manufacturers and Technology
Waste, Fertilization and Hygiene

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Video Library

Explore a whole world of videos,  depicting the concept, scenario, utilization and different methodologies to capture biogas [click here].

Photo Gallery

An exclusive set of biogas photos to be navigated. Please note that IBA is not responsible for any error in photos [click here].


Indian Biogas Association is soon going to publish a list of current research and case studies paper. Among our academic partners are IIT-Mumbai and University of Paderborn, Germany.


In order to propogate Biogas in India in a sustainable way, IBA believe a healthy contribution from print media is needed. Please explore this section for the media in near future.

Facebook Discussion Forum

Please visit our facebook Facebook page for the discussion. The archived discussion from biogas wiki can be seen here...

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Academic opportunity

Renewable energy gives a big career opportunity. A lot of courses are being offered by the leading universities. A glimpse can be seen here.


Please visit our jobs section to look for renewable energy jobs at IBA and other possible opportunity in India [click here for jobs in India].

Hon. A P J 


Theme of the World Environment Day, ‘Bio-diversity: Connecting with nature’. is a very important aspect of our ecological system. Every life form, be it microscopic bacteria which help decompose dead plants and wood, to the colorful butterflies which help in pollination to the mighty mammals that are precariously balanced along the food chain. Each species has a special role to play on our planet. India being classified as one of the 17 mega-diverse countries of the world has a important mission in maintaining and enhancing bio-diversity and conserving the environment. India’s 2.4% of the world land area, 8% of the total number of species, ... read more
Hon. A P J Kalam, Ex President of India