Basics of Biogas Training (For International Participants)

· June 28, 2022

In this session on Biogas Ecosystem, you shall be going through the biogas industry from Indian perspective. The covered topics in this session include:

1. History of Biogas- Understanding the journey covered by Indian biogas industry in the yester years would be something interesting to explore. This shall include learning about the inception and involvement of various critical stakeholders in conjunction with important milestones transgressed till date. We also try to understand the contribution of different fuel sources to the energy mix from an Indian perspective

2. Plant Classification- From an Indian perspective, the different types of feedstock that could be used in biogas industry is discussed upon. Also, the different types of biogas plants, primarily based on their scale and adopted technology, that one may encounter upon traveling across in India is covered.

3. Data on different Plant types- Showcases graphical representation related to the installation of small-scale, mid-sized, and large-scale biogas plants. Also, the typical drivers for setting up a biogas plant ( large-scale ones) along with existing opportunities related to organic fertilizer is discussed.

4. Challenges in Biogas industry- This segment digs into the various challenges associated with the biogas industry. For simplicity, the challenges are pooled into four buckets, namely operational, market-related, regulatory, and financial.

5. Govt. Policies and schemes-Govt. has come up with various incentives to provide the requisite stimulus to the biogas industry. In this session, we take a look into the various policy support that’s prevalent in the industry. Different forms of Central Financial Assistance (CFA), which has been pivotal in shaping up the industry, is also discussed at length.

6. Glimpse of permissions, industry stakeholders, and cost economics -Numerous clearance and permits are needed for setting-up a biogas plant. This video gives you a hang of the requisite clearances from an Indian perspective. Also, this video shows the various cost and revenue drivers, shaping the business model, that makes the biogas/bio-CNG plant lucrative.

7. Potential of Biogas in India and a few Case studies-From an Indian perspective, we look into the biogas potential from several organic feedstocks of interest. Additionally, we take a tour of a few of the exemplary case plants, spaning a diverse representation covering a wide array of feedstocks processed and implemented technology.

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